Professional Modeling Portfolio Studio Shoot

Full profile shoot, 1 hour, 3 outfits

150 images

R1500 - No hair and make-up

R2000 Includes hair and make-up

Professional Modeling Portfolio Shoot On-Location

Full profile shoot, 2 hour, 3 outfits

200 images

R3000 - No hair and make-up

R3500 Includes hair and make-up

Portfolio Special

Portfolio file with 16 Z-cards

Flip-file with 6 x A4 prints


Here is a behind the scenes of our latest On Location Modeling Profile shoot.

0070_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0071_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0066_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0053_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0055_Nelis_Engelbrecht_Photography 0070_Light_lounge_Studio 0060_Light_lounge_Studio 0055_Light_lounge_Studio 0062_Light_lounge_Studio 0066_Light_lounge_Studio 0058_Light_lounge_Studio 0036_Light_lounge_Studio 0037_Light_lounge_Studio 0038_Light_lounge_Studio 0040_Light_lounge_Studio 0026_Light_lounge_Studio

0001_Light_Lounge lightlounge7 0050_Light_lounge_Studio FAcebook276 FAcebook259

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